Work leads efficiency

Once you have lots of leads, how do you make the most of them? Because leads differ in quality, you should prioritize them to make sure reps focus on your hottest leads first.
A. Prioritize leads with lead scoring – Use a point system to assign values to characteristics that align with successful sales. For example, you may assign 10 points to CEO and 3 points to a manager, based on the experience that CEO prospects result in more closed leads. Revisit scoring criteria regularly as you learn more about how various characteristics correlate with success. Also consider formula fields for basic demographic scoring. For more information about lead scoring, see the Best Practice, “9 tips for using lead scoring to close more deals.”

B. Categorize scored leads – Once scored, you can categorize leads into levels of priority, such as A, B, and C. Meet regularly to fine-tune the criteria for these categories. If your threshold for an A lead is usually 50, for example, you might lower that threshold to flow more leads to sales if lead volume is low.

C. Use assignment rules to route leads – It’s a good idea to assign unqualified leads, such as category C leads, to a marketing queue to be nurtured until they’re ready to buy. Route qualified leads to the appropriate inside sales rep for further qualification. Also, be sure to create a rule without filters that routes leads to a default user, such as the marketing queue. That way you can make sure no leads are lost because of gaps in your rules.


Content from Salesforce Lead Management Implementation Guide