Registration Technology, Inc. (RTI) promises reliability, accuracy, and creativity. We have built our reputation on attention to detail, and creating strategic partnerships with our clients to improve and enhance the registration process. And, we are singularly focused on outstanding customer service. If you are ready to experience RTI’s VIP treatment for you and your attendees, give us a call.

What is RTI’s methodology?

The first step we stake with a new client is to discuss their goals for registration and any problems that they have encountered in the past. We address these issues, offer suggestions based on our experience, and build solutions into the registration procedures for their event. The proposal is updated, with as much information as possible, to detail these issues. We also create a spreadsheet of items that need to be accomplished by certain dates. The spreadsheet with due dates is discussed and agreed upon by both parties. Following the convention, we prepare an 18-point evaluation report reviewing our success in meeting the goals, and solving the problems as detailed above. We note procedures that we want to continue for the next year, and those that need improvement. We consider working with the client as a partnership. After speaking with our references, the client discovers why there is never a question of rebooking with RTI for future years.

Who are RTI’s critical employees?

Continuity of service is essential for everyone, the client, the meeting planner and RTI. We have been providing full service registration services for events since 1998. Tom Haney, President, is the on-site coordinator for your event. Depending on the size of the event, number of terminals, and level of service, additional staff are brought by RTI. Rhoda Reid is the Lead Retrieval Manager and Dan Kane and Jerrianne Weiss are Assistant On-Site Supervisors. Karl Ludwig is our technical supervisor. All have been working with Registration Technology for over four years. Rhoda Reid’s background is in training and Dan Kane’ was in customer service management; Jerrianne Weiss is a former registration manager for a major trade show organizer, and Karl Ludwig is a lead retrieval/technology expert. Together, we have over 95 years’ experience in our respective fields. All work under the supervision of Tom Haney, and have full authority and training to handle situations independently.

Reference and experience in solving registration opportunities (problems)?

References will be supplied upon request. We will be happy to share with you why they ask Registration Technology to return each year.

A sampling of events:

  • International Trade Show2,000 registrants 12 registration stationsSpecialized services: Ticketing of seminars and events with limited seating, financial reports to allow on-site payment to match attendee, multiple registration categories, complex on-site registration form.
  • Midwest Medical Association
    2,300 registrants 2 registration stations