Our Process: Post-Show Summaries

Registration Technologies, Inc (RTI)’s service continues well beyond the close of your event. We prepare customized, informative reports with the critical data you need to identify trends and measure the success of your event. Our ultimate post-show goal is to give you the means to improve the registration experience year after year.

Post-Show Summaries Include:

An 18-point evaluation – We want to ensure that your expectations are exceeded. In partnership with our clients, we produce an in-depth evaluation that addresses the registration goals that we set together at the beginning of the planning process. We discuss where we succeeded and where there may be room for improvement.

Customized reports – Typical reports include attendance, demographics, optional events, geographical breakdowns, source codes and comparisons to past years, if the data is available. A final registration database is also included in a format compatible to your data system.

Inventory of reusable materials – If you ordered too much badge stock, it’s no problem. We will complete a comprehensive inventory of your registration materials so you will know what is available for use at subsequent events. This process can save you time and money as you prepare for the following year.

Exhibitor services – Using advanced PDF bar coding, laser scanning and compact printers, our clients’ reports are customized to include categories and sub-categories, if necessary. Session and financial reports are also available.

RTI worked with us to create a new badging system that reduced the amount of work and increased accuracy. Both attendees and staff are thrilled with the new system.

Anna Carey, CMP, Illinois Podiatric Medication Association and Midwest Podiatry Conference